Company Name Product Name Description Thumbnail
A-Med Corporation Blood Pump Controller

A centrifugal blood-pump controller for minimally-invasive cardiac surgery

Tissue Genesis, Inc. Cell Isolation System

A fully automated system that recovers potentially regenerative cells from a patient’s own fat cells

Alere Medical, Inc. DayLink® Monitor

A telemedicine at-home monitoring system for congestive heart-failure patients

DentalView, Inc. (now Perioscopy, Incorporated) DV2

A dental perioscopy system for visualization of gingival sulcus.

Osmetech Molecular Diagnostics eSensor® XT-8 System

A genotyping system that utilizes unique electrochemical detection technology to detect nucleic acids on a microarray

Orqis Medical Corporation Exeleras® System

A control system for a wearable device that controls and monitors an implanted brushless and sensor less pump motor

BARRX Medical, Inc. HALO90 Energy Generator

An esophageal ablation system that delivers high-power RF energy to the ablation catheter to control tissue ablation

Cerus Corporation INTERCEPT Blood System

An automated mixing and dosing device for the INTERCEPT RBC Pathogen Inactivation System.

Windy Hill Medical, Inc. Intraductal Catheter System

A minimally invasive system to detect milk ducts within nipples for the reduction breast cancer risk

Alsius Intravascular Temperature Management (IVTM™)

A catheter-based, core body temperature control system

Orthalign KneeAlign™ System

A sterile, disposable, non-invasive knee alignment system for total knee arthroplasty

Hoana Medical, Inc. LifeBed™ Patient Vigilance System

A no-contact heart and respiration rate monitoring system for hospitals

WaveTec Vision ORange™

The ORange™ Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometer (ORange™) is a device that is attached to a surgical microscope and is used as an intraoperative...

Tinnitus Care, Ltd Tinnitus Phase-Out™

A portable device for non-invasive tinnitus therapy treatment

Thoratec Corporation TLC-II Portable VAD Driver

A portable controller and computer interface that improves patient mobility for those equipped with the Thoratec VAD system

XCorporeal, Inc. XCR-6 Dialysis Platform

A portable sorbent-based hemodialysis machine