Whom We Serve

Our flexible approach has allowed us to become a valued partner, collaborator and resource for our clients.

Inventors, Engineers, and Early Entrepreneurs choose Aubrey Group because:

  • We provide customized analysis and evaluation on feasibility of the idea.
  • We can highlight the most efficient path to early launch when time and money are scarce.
  • Our knowledge, experience, talent and capabilities provide high value at reasonable cost.

Entrepreneurs and Investors choose Aubrey Group because:

  • We have a track record of working with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, physicians and inventors.
  • We provide the technical expertise and resources to a virtual model company when needed thereby reducing its costs and speeding time to market.
  • We provide infrastructure that ensures efficient access to quality assurance teams, regulatory systems, human resources, facilities, and business support services that ultimately minimizes capital expenditures.

Incubators and Emerging Companies choose Aubrey Group because:

  • We provide flexibility, expertise and resources to incubator and emerging companies when they need it.
  • We provide access to deep and broad engineering and scientific talent usually only available to larger companies and fast, efficient development using established processes, systems and methodologies.
  • We provide an established high quality, low-volume manufacturing and clean room are available to small companies who do not have their own manufacturing capability.

Large Corporations choose Aubrey Group because:

  • We allow corporate teams to focus on their own core strengths.
  • We provide innovative thinking and a fresh perspective to solving problems and identifying effective solutions.
  • We allow large companies the leverage their internal resources through collaboration with our expert and experienced staff.