What We Do


We partner with our clients to solve their most challenging problems.

Aubrey Group’s engineers are considered among the best in the industry. They have passion and the know-how to implement challenging projects. They and the entire Aubrey Group team strive for productive interaction with our clients to bring client products to market quickly and cost effectively.


We bring unmatched passion, depth and breadth of experience to developing innovative solutions for our clients.

We have had great success bringing depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to the development of innovative solutions for our clients. More than sixty innovative medical products and systems that improve medical care and save lives have been launched here.


We accelerate our clients’ time-to-market, while reducing both costs and risks.

We know that client success depends on robustly designing and quickly building products developed to client needs. Our combination of integrated, on-demand engineering and quick-response manufacturing leads to client success. We produce FDA and regulatory agency-ready devices and instruments ready to ship.