Manufacturing and Manufacturing Transfer

We offer full-service contract manufacturing services for your medical devices.

We have the capability to manufacture products, including the ones we design, from clinical builds to full production runs. Our design and manufacturing engineers work closely together to help ensure design for manufacturability and serviceability. We use existing Aubrey Group qualified suppliers, or choose and qualify new suppliers, as required.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Custom manufacturing test equipment
  • Prototypes
  • Clinical test units
  • Pilot builds
  • Process verification and validation
  • Full-scale manufacturing of systems and disposables

Depending on the needs of the client, we support any of the following production scenarios:

  • Manufacture the product turnkey, with material and workmanship warranty
  • Manufacture the product with workmanship warranty only, with the client procuring all material
  • Manufacture at our facility for an initial period to minimize time to market, and then support the client in transferring the manufacturing to another facility
  • Establish the entire production line at the client facilities for the first pilot build