Entrepreneurial Services

Entrepreneurial Services is an effort focused on assisting new medical device entrepreneurs in assembling the ingredients required for successful launch of product.

We meet many entrepreneurs and inventors who come to us for engineering and technical help, but are at too early a stage to use our engineering development services. They have not yet faced—or sometimes not aware of—the other related and essential issues for viability: regulatory, intellectual property, manufacturing, product feasibility, budgeting, marketing—to name a few. Entrepreneurial Services is designed to benefit those people and companies who are just starting out.

Areas this program covers include:

  • Mission Definition
  • Funding
  • Business Planning
  • Market Research & Sizing
  • Engineering Plan
  • Product Feasibility
  • Intellectual Property
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Design-Controls Process
  • Exit Strategy
  • Engineering Requirements
  • Manufacturing Alternatives

The process starts with a structured interview, followed by a Workshop, locally or by video or internet. The next step would be determined by the clients’ needs and the outcome of the Workshop. It could then transition to further development by us of identified areas, possibly including design of a prototype. Services will be provided using Aubrey Group and strategic partner resources.

This program provides quick and inexpensive access to the talent, experience, knowledge, and capabilities of our entire team.